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InAwe Leads Generation is your Virtual Sales Assistant. Imagine, having InAwe is like having a highly experienced and trained sales assistant equipped with a proven blueprint that was developed over the years through spending MILLIONS on leads generation.

We have acquired real-world insights and actionable steps that have enabled us to consistently generate leads for businesses – just like a machine

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Leverage technology to grow your business. You no longer have to stand for long hours at road shows, distribute fliers and cold call.

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focus on what matters

By outsourcing your sales function and leads generation to us, you can focus on building relationships and closing deals.

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get leads 24/7

Leads are generated for you around the clock and will be automatically delivered to you daily.

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Strategise & Target

Every client is different. We leverage our extensive knowledge and insights to come up with a tailored strategy on what to use, who to target, and how to engage potential leads.

A/B Testing & Lead Hook

Our processes are data-driven as we do not believe in our "gut" when it comes to delivering our clients results. A/B tests are used to determine the most effective marketing campaign for you.

Lead Generation Funnel

We send highly interested traffic through our funnel, by landing them on platforms such as Facebook, your website, or even a Web app we created. At the end of the funnel, these leads all your potential customers.

Optimisation & Reporting

Our work doesn't stop after delivering you that very first lead. We continue to monitor your campaigns daily to ensure every cent is well spent. Your project tracker is also updated daily to keep you in the loop about all project matters.

InAwe Lead Generation Funnel

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Digital marketing can work hand-in-hand with other more traditional channels. Depending on your sales angle, you can either use digital marketing as your main source of leads or let it take a more complimentary role to your existing traditional marketing strategy. Having said that, digital marketing is here to stay, and we strongly believe that it will only get more prevalent in the future. Hence, it is important to stay relevant to your clients and keep up with the competition.

Find out more about what digital marketing can do for your business and use our checklist to determine if your business is ready for the future here.

Compared to cold-calling, leads generated from our SG Leads Machine system are already potential customers and they are more advanced in the sales funnel. To begin, these leads have actively provided their personal information to us to be contacted in the future. By providing valuable content and advice even before a meet-up, these leads have been actively engaged and understand that you are coming from the perspective of providing real long-term value.

In addition, SG Leads Machine leads generation service has specially targeted people who are interested in the particular product or service the client is looking to provide. Another benefit of these leads is that once a relationship has been established, there will be a lifetime of opportunities to upsell other products and services.

Having said that, we at SG Leads Machine provide the facts about digital marketing, and as with all things, there are cons as well so caveat emptor ahead!

Online marketing leads are not 100% “sure-close” deals. Businesses must come from the perspective of a consultant rather than a sales person, as online leads do not react well to sales pitches right off the bat. Compared to a road show, online leads are also NOT like walk-in customers who actively made the trip down to the road show or your physical store to purchase. There are, however, methods to bring online leads closer to a meet up. This is where content is king! Part of the SG Leads Machine system is original content created by us that you can use to engage your leads and pique their interest.

Another con of digital leads is as the name suggests – digital. Unlike physical leads whom you meet for the first time face to face, these leads are behind a digital veil. There are also occasional erroneous leads, leads providing their old phone numbers and fake/troll accounts that slip through the stringent checks carried out by Facebook. Rest assured that we have implemented checks to minimize these errors.

Businesses sign up for our leads generation service because it frees up their valuable time to do whats important – closing deals. We champion ourselves as your personalised virtual sales assistant, working in the shadows to generate leads and sales for you. Apart from the initial account set up and strategy session to identify your potential market, you can be assured that your marketing budget is being put to best use without any additional time, effort or wastage from you.

We also deliver red hot leads INSTANTLY – you read that right, new leads will be automatically updated in your very own project tracker and sent to your email, so that you can contact them ASAP. We also monitor your budgets, update project tasks, provide content you can send to your potential customers constantly.

While most businesses interested in leads generation would prefer a hands-off approach, we are also able to cater to the opposite camp who would like to have more input in the entire process. This is especially important for industries we might be new to, or if the client has a very unique business model and limitations. Depending on your business needs and objectives, we are able to customize our approach and deliver the best-in-class service to you.

We have never failed to generate a single lead for our clients, and countless deals have been closed. That is why we are so confident of our proprietary leads generation system, that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if no leads are generated.

While we can guarantee that the leads are exclusive and high quality, after the leads have been passed to the client, eventual conversion and purchase of a product or service cannot be guaranteed as it is out of our control. What we can do is provide an SOP that has been developed over the years, that introduces best practices when closing deals online, as well as provide sales consultation to help our clients increase their conversion rate!

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